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“I started drawing before I had collective memory as a child.”


The roots of Shannon Lawlor’s enigmatic equine art can be traced back to her childhood on the Prairies, where as a young girl, she was never far from a horse, or pencil. Immersed in the equine environment from toddler through her formative years, Shannon’s intuitive desire to put pencil to paper has been there since before she could spell. She has carried her sketchbook from the prairie of her youth to the finest Arabian breeding farms deep in the heart of Poland.

“Beautiful horses can sometimes humble me to the point of tears.”


Shannon is an artist who works from the experience of a horse woman, translating her own history, and what she sees into swirling lines of unfurling mane; laying bare the resplendent muscle tone of a wither, or depth of soul behind one of her subject’s eyes. Her work moves beyond breed and discipline, with an appeal that is meant to inspire and enlighten the viewer.

She is often spotlighted as Featured Artist at invitational shows including Nevada’s Northeastern Museum, Arizona’s Phippen Museum and Alberta’s Calgary Stampede.

“My work represents the soul of the horse.”


Shannon’s work hangs in the most authentic ranches of the Canadian West, as well as office towers, hotels and urban homes. Her vision resonates with viewers appreciative of the majesty of the horse, from all walks of life. It rings true with a chord of authenticity that appeals to modern discerning collectors. Interior designers often place Shannon’s passionate equine images in commercial and urban settings. Her work lends a cool and modern touch to any room. It gives pause, brings peace, and elevates the soul.

“Horses are a part of my breath, an extension of myself.”

story of Shannon Lawlor

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Client Testimonials

“When I think back over the decades of teaching and the great students I have had, few have impressed me more than Shannon Lawlor. The goal of any good teacher is to see the transferable skills they offer, received and applied in the lives of those they teach – without a doubt Shannon has allowed me that joy. What I can’t take any credit for are those elusive “gifts” that Shannon brought with her on the first day I met her – her passion and desire. With her intense hunger to learn her willingness to experiment with different compositions and concepts, an admirable fearlessness at venturing out on that less traveled path, I do not see anything getting in the way of her success as a fellow artist. I am convinced that the dedication and perseverance she exhibited over the years I have know her – I remember being humbled by her risking the hours of driving to and from class each week – will carry her far as a fellow human being. But my greatest pleasure was to watch Shannon grow from an avid student to the great friend she has become.”

DAVID KITLER, Artist, Instructor

“I have known Shannon as an employee and a friend, long before her tremendous talent as an artist came shining through. She worked with me in my veterinary practice and horse breeding operation over 20 years ago. Her work ethic and attention to detail was second to none even when she was cleaning manure out of the horse stalls. What a contrast to the fine work she is doing in recent years. I have never had anyone who could work so fast and efficiently when doing the daily chores. I see this meticulous attention to detail and strong work ethic carrying over to her painting. This on top of her natural aptitude makes her what she is, a true artist. I know my late wife (also Shannon) felt even stronger than me about Shannon Lawlor’s talent. I prize her paintings that I own for both sentimental and artistic reasons, and I am proud to call her my friend.”

WAYNE BURWASH, DVM Burwash Equine Services

“We are the joyful owners of six Shannon Lawlor original art pieces which are the favorites in our collection. Since meeting her, we have come to know her strong character. Her art work is the result of her lifetime love affair with horses and art, although horses are not her only subjects. Shannon’s strong, vibrant compositions and colors capture the vitality and essence of ay subject she selects. Our Lawlor art brings us daily joy and constant comments on our good taste!”

ROGER & JEANNE KURTZ, Private Collectors

Shannon Lawlor

Shannon Lawlor